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Communicate Like A Leader

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You are a LEADER – whether you head a team or a business, provide expert advice, have a message you’re passionate about, or you’re a future leader-to-be!
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A Snapshot of Colin’s work…


Funny, heartfelt and interactive speeches that draw large crowds while memorably teaching the skills of leadership, communication, and financial success. See Colin on stage:


A one-of-a-kind library of engaging, practical, and entertaining videos on core financial skills. Watch a clip:


As a leader, an expert, a speaker, or a leader-to-be, learning to communicate at your highest level helps you stand out, make real impact, and be seen as the leader you are!

Here’s how to master these skills in a matter of hours, not years:

A Personal Note…

My name is Colin Ryan, and I have two professional superpowers.

Number one: I help make any important message (no matter how dry – ahem, personal finance) into one that’s fun, memorable and impactful, in only one hour.

Number two: I help leaders & future-leaders communicate at their highest level, with humor and heart, so they stand out and inspire great results in themselves and others. 

I will teach you what I’ve learned over 13 years as a professional speaker, thought-leader and executive coach — to save you countless hours trying to figure it out on your own.

I am also:

Host of the “Communicate Like A Leader” Podcast.

Speaker & Author of “A Comedic Guide to Money”

Married to my best friend Lindsey and proud dog dad to Remy