Entertaining Videos To Reach and Teach Your Audience

Colin creates custom video content that helps educational and financial institutions better connect with young adults and parents.

His goal to help you create something you can be proud of, and that showcases your mission to make a difference in the lives of the people you serve.

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Trailer | A Comedic Guide to Money Discussion Series

Clip from Smart Money Series for Syracuse University.

Clip from “3 Ways You Can Invest When You Have No Money”
Can you tell me more specifically about the content of the videos?
If you know my style, you know I strive to be approachable, quickly-paced, super-clear, and I cover topics like:

  • Ways You Can Invest When You Have No Money
  • How to Live on Less Than You Make (And Still Eat)
  • Saving Up for Emergencies and Long-Term Goals
  • How to Reach the Land of the Debt-Free (and Stress-Free)

These are just some of the topics I can cover, and I’m happy to collaborate with you to create the content that best serves your audience. Know that every video will utilize humor, storytelling and engaging visuals in order to make the lesson memorable and engaging. The goal of these videos is to provide an entertaining and relatable voice through which you can successfully share the financial knowledge your intended audience needs.

Is this content better suited for students or professionals?
All students and professionals would benefit from this! Every person is impacted by how they approach taking out and repaying loans, saving money, earning more money, building and using credit safely, and investing in their future.
How could this help us achieve our goals as an institution?
Humor is a huge connector when it comes to this subject, and the goal of each video is to be entertaining, genuine, and easy-to-apply. This content is a way to support anyone looking to get a better grasp on their finances, and it shows the parents of young people that you are supporting them by offering the professional and personal finance skills to live fulfilling lives. Plus, the videos are a conversation starter for students and parents, and can be presented with this in mind.
What else can be included in a video series?
All kinds of things! My job is to make you look good and help your videos reach the most people possible!

  • a teaser video announcing the air date
  • a fully-customizable graphics kit
  • a plug-and-play social media kit with calendar
  • a live speaking engagement included
  • a custom promo video for Colin’s live presentation
  • full transcripts so you can easily make them ADA-compliant