Talking About Money Doesn’t Have to be Boring

Colin Ryan

Humorous & Motivational Finance Speaker

A funny and uplifting message your audience will love.

Colin Ryan — Humorous Financial Speaker

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Help your audience avoid an “F” in Finances – the class few of us take but all of us are in.

According to a recent CNN survey, 71% of Americans identify money as a significant cause of stress in their lives.  But let’s face it: you can’t help them if they don’t show up for your workshops and webinars or say Yes to meeting with you.

You can impact more of your ideal audience through increased attendance, greater engagement, and booked appointments.

They’ll ATTEND when you offer something funny, relevant and meaningful.

They’ll ENGAGE when you can make them laugh, lean in, and see that you care.

They’ll SAY YES when they know you can help them.

Get More Attendance

Tired of having tiny audiences at your financial workshops and webinars? A comedic and charismatic speaker will draw a big crowd!

Get More Engagement

Have you brought in a speaker who bored the crowd? Colin’s honest & humorous style quickly has attendees opening up and getting real.

Get More Appointments

Too many people need your help but don’t actually make contact. Colin will help you earn their trust and create genuine connections with them.

Helping them laugh & learn about money offers them the ability to thrive.

Host a memorable and fun financial wellness event and get students and adults excited about how much YOU can help them with their personal finances.

Colin supports & inspires your audience in 3 ways:


Funny and heartfelt financial speeches that draw a large crowd, teach the keys to financial success, and highlight you as their next step. See Colin on stage:


An entertaining and relevant video library full of engaging and practical videos on core financial skills, in support of Colin’s speech or as a standalone resource! Watch a clip:


Tell stories. Use humor. Be inspiring. Learn how to nail your next speaking opportunity, interview or public appearance in just 1 hour. Or become a fun, memorable and impactful public speaker in as little as 5 hours. Here’s how:

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Certified Professional Financial Counselor

Colin Ryan partners with colleges, companies and the financial service industry to help people better understand, and better manage, their personal finances.

  • Nationally in-demand, award-winning financial motivational speaker
  • Has empowered over 1 million people to create their path to financial success
  • Author of A Comedic Guide to Money
  • Named one of the top 10 financial speakers in the USA
  • Moth-Grandslam Winning Storyteller, featured in Reader’s Digest
  • Husband and Dog dad

Colin’s Top 2 Keynotes that Professionals

Request and Audiences Love


Perfect for these audiences:
Students, Parents, Professionals

Your ability to handle your finances directly affects your ability to have the life you want. So what do you want your money story to look like? Colin shows you how to live your life, and manage your money, on your terms. This talk gets audiences laughing, motivated, and clear on the financial skills they need to build the life they want.


Perfect for these audiences:
Financial Advisors, Bank & Credit Union Professionals, and Financial Educators

Stories excite and wake up people’s emotions; facts and figures do not. Story-selling is the ability to create genuine connections, tap into the right emotions, and get prospects excited about working with you. This entertaining keynote will help you utilize body language, humor, storytelling and listening so you can stand out, earn trust, and connect emotionally in order to get to Yes!


A painless guide to finances if you’ve ever wondered, “Why on earth did I do THAT with my money?”

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