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“As a speaker you hold the power in the room. You are the thermostat, controlling the temperature of the room. You don’t have to call on everyone.” Great advice from @grantbaldwin founder of The Speaker Lab #FinCon2018

If gift-giving is part of your holiday celebrations, how do you keep spending under control? Have you tried the 4 gift hack or another trick? Please share! #holidaygiftideas

A little reminder this holiday season if you're feeling the financial stress of buying presents: Receiving Gifts is only #lovelanguage - there are other ways you can show your affection this season that may be even more meaningful to your loved ones. @DrGaryChapman

Do you know what most people wish for when it comes to improving their own life? Stuff. But do you know what most people wish for when it comes to the lives of the ones they most love? Happiness. Interesting read: https://t.co/swwYQ5EzIj

Have you read Neal Gabler's book Life at the Movie? This has been one of the most formative books I've read about how culture influences us - I highly recommend it. (Also, I'm still not over seeing my book on the shelf with his work - totally wild and cool!)


I'm so luck to be married to the best business coach I've ever met, @LindseyLathrop. Check out her website (and be sure to sign up for her killer newsletter) to see what I mean:

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