“You’ve never seen financial education like this.”

National Jumpstart

"A hysterical, comedic storyteller in the vein of Mike Birbiglia"

Seven Days

Great insights from @JamesClear on building #habits: the trick is to be "proactively lazy." It's about creating friction to make bad habits tougher, and reducing friction to make good habits easier. Amazing! How can you use this to create better #money habits? #personalfinance

"You alone have 40 hours a week, if you hire a virtual assistant you now have 80 hours a week." Great advice from @mollyrosespeed at #FinCon18. More at: https://t.co/HZmD9K2Mzk

Thanks to the @FinCon virtual pass the learning continues long after the conference concludes!

#MondayMotivation: Finding joy in taking incremental steps and building small habits is key to reaching your goals. Celebrate the wins along the way - they matter! #2019resolutions #GoalSetting

Every year, @LindseyLathrop take a month to travel - this year to Thailand & Bali! We make conscious choices to make this life possible, but we're not unique. Anyone can build a life of passion if they fight for it. (Would you be curious to hear how we do this? Let me know!)

Ps. Even while we're away I'll still be checking in! Have @Skype, will travel! 🙂

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