“You’ve never seen financial education like this.”

National Jumpstart

"A hysterical, comedic storyteller in the vein of Mike Birbiglia"

Seven Days

This @Hallmark poster of The Last @Vermont Christmas just feels, accurate, you know? Like people I definitely know and can relate to.

Have you ever drank the "Holiday Guilt Cocktail" when your money goals are swept aside by the need to demonstrate your love with expensive presents? This year @LindseyLathrop and I are fighting it by gifting our nieces an experience together rather than gifts. What about you?

The best negotiation coach I've ever met is my amazing wife and coach @LindseyLathrop. She negotiated and coached me into cooking 3 nights a week, and I didn't even know it was happening! Want to be that good? Check out her newsletter for tips: https://t.co/b0DJyOJ9fC

Thanks @FinCon for your virtual pass!
“As a speaker you hold the power in the room. You are the thermostat, controlling the temperature of the room. You don’t have to call on everyone.” Great advice from @grantbaldwin founder of The Speaker Lab #FinCon2018

If gift-giving is part of your holiday celebrations, how do you keep spending under control? Have you tried the 4 gift hack or another trick? Please share! #holidaygiftideas

A little reminder this holiday season if you're feeling the financial stress of buying presents: Receiving Gifts is only #lovelanguage - there are other ways you can show your affection this season that may be even more meaningful to your loved ones. @DrGaryChapman

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