“You’ve never seen financial education like this.”

National Jumpstart

"A hysterical, comedic storyteller in the vein of Mike Birbiglia"

Seven Days

When I explain that I teach money habits to college kids, adults often tell me "I wish I had that kind of #personalfinance training when I was younger." I'm excited to see these kids getting a head start. It's never too early (or too late!) to start a conversation about money!

Are you unsure if a live event about personal finance will work on your college campus? Let's talk!

According to @guardian, 63% of people recalled a story, while only 5% recalled a statistic after a presentation. That's why I use stories to educate students about personal finance. For ex: how my grandma taught me about the power of showing up and standing out. Thanks, grandma!

I love college #FinancialAid offices and #FinancialLiteracy programs because the work you do is SO valuable. It’s life-changing when students learn good money habits. Keep up the amazing work you do - we are all better for it!

Dang @FinCon, this content though.

Great advice from @adamcarroll at #FinCon18. “If you’re asked to do a speaking event, and they don’t have a budget, you can still get paid: ask them to shoot photo and video.”
Good reminder to advocate for yourself!

When 7 out of 10 college students feel stressed about their finances, something needs to happen! This is why financial literacy programs are so important. #hefwa #finacialliteracy #finlit @the_hefwa

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