Colin Ryan is a nationally in-demand, award-winning comedic financial speaker, author, and speaking coach.

Colin is on a mission to help people make their important messages – like financial education – transformational and approachable through comedy and storytelling.

He has spoken to over 500,000 students and adults, and was named one of the top 10 financial presenters in the U.S.

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Your message is more than what you say – it’s how you say it.

Custom video content

Colin creates custom video content that helps educational and financial institutions better connect with young adults and parents.

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A comedic guide to money

A painless guide to finances if you’re looking to increase knowledge, confidence, and ever wondered, “Why on earth did I do THAT with my money?"

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Speaking events

Interactive and unforgettable talks on the key skills of financial success and engaging financial education.

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Most of us didn’t get much financial education as kids - certainly not as much as we would have liked. Now, as adults, we know how remarkably valuable it is, and we’d love to go back in time and have someone teach us all the things we know now about finances....

How to Talk To Kids About Budgeting (Now With Helpful Mantras)

Did you know that less than half of American adults have a budgeting system? According to the 2018 Council for Economic Education’s Survey of the States, the number of budgeting adults runs at about 40% - though when I shared this stat with a finance professional,...

Financial Literacy vs Financial Wellness vs Financial Capability

In 2009, I saw an ad for a job at a credit union in Vermont to “increase financial literacy among Vermont high school students.” Although I was very good at living off of the tiny paychecks of a freelance journalist, I had no formal background in finance - as...

12 Personal Finance Apps that Save You Money and Time

Tracking:Mint: this free app will track your credit card and debit card purchases, and help you know how much you’re actually spending SO that you can make adjustments if you want to. Expensify or Receipts by Wave: apps that help you track and scan...

The Importance of Financial Education

Do you know the nine words almost every adult says when they find out that one of my biggest audiences for financial education is students? “I wish I had that when I was younger.” And then they usually follow it up with sentiments like: “That would have...

What is Financial Comedy?

It took me a long time to figure out how to describe what I do. I wasn’t purely a comedian or a speaker or a financial planner. I finally cracked it with Financial Comedian or, even more accurately, Comedic Financial Speaker. Do those job titles sound made up to...

Removing The Shame From Personal Finance

"We need to start talking about money in this country. We have this very powerful culture of shame around money, because none of us want to be seen as failures." - Helaine Olen, author of Pound Foolish & The Index Card Like it or not, people don’t change money...
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