How to Buy Happiness

People are always telling us what not to spend our money on. But what about what we can? By taking advantage of research and success habits, we can actually spend money in ways that increase our career flexibility, our confidence, and our happiness in...

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3 Numbers You Need to be a Master Negotiator

Negotiation is not conflict. It’s not a fight. It’s more like a game where you both want to walk away having gotten what you wanted. The more you practice it, the more fun it becomes, and the more value it brings to your life. This tool was created by negotiation coach Lindsey Lathrop.

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Find A Great Mentor

“How do I find a mentor?” is one of the most common questions I get asked by students after a speech. The #1 person you should have in your corner is a mentor, who knows the career you're interested in and can teach you in a conversation or two things they...

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If you think of your life as a story–a larger game that is always unfolding often without us even realizing it–then the best way to write a better money story is by choosing better money chapters. Small goals. Mantras. Reminders to repeat to yourself.

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A painless guide to finances if you’re looking to increase knowledge, confidence, and ever wondered, “Why on earth did I do THAT with my money?”


How do I know when I’m ready to buy a house?

Here's the full version: A HEALTHY APPROACH TO BUYING A HOME Here's the cliff-notes version: You’re ready for a house when… your costs < 28% of monthly income your credit is above 700 you can stay for 5+ years you have a large down payment ( less than...

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How do I stop living paycheck-to-paycheck?

Let me introduce you to the 4 Highlighter Budget Challenge, which I learned about from the brilliant Pete The Planner.What Pete suggests is to find four different color highlighters, print our your most recent bank statement, and highlight the following:1. Your...

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Money Blogs I Love

Consumerist: Consumer advocacy site responding to the latest consumer news and trends, published by Consumer Reports. IGrad Mr. Money Moustache: Here are all the answers you need my friend. The Bargainist: A Blog of Great Money-Saving Tips

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5 Great Tools to Save You Money

Find Out Your Money Type Quiz by the brilliant Olivia Mellan Save On Your Phone: The Best Cheap Prepaid Phone Plans You've Never Heard Of Hundreds of Tips for Turning Your Financial Life Around by the very amazing Learn Any Financial Term...

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11 Finance Movie Clips to Use In The Classroom

Here’s a list of high-quality video clips that can further explain and explore the aspects of personal finance you want to cover. The best part: video is attention-grabbing! WeTheEconomyShort films on economic inequality produced by acclaimed...

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7 Movies to Start Money Conversations

10 Movies That Start Money Conversations Here’s a list of recent movies that present creative ways to talk about money. Funny, memorable, and usually get people to engage who otherwise would immediately glaze over at the mention of finances. ...

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12 Personal Finance Apps that Save You Money and Time

Tracking:Mint: this free app will track your credit card and debit card purchases, and help you know how much you’re actually spending SO that you can make adjustments if you want to. Expensify or Receipts by Wave: apps that help you track and scan...

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