“I honestly didn’t know you could have 500 students that engaged and connected for that long.”


“I can’t say enough good things about Colin’s coaching. In only weeks I was presenting with confidence.”


Colin truly hears and sees the people he works with. He helps you to show up powerfully on stage and open doors for more speaking opportunities. Colin reminds me that people need to hear my unique voice, and helps me remove the barriers in my way. I always leave our conversations feeling more confident in my abilities and more empowered to share my message.

Cordelia Gaffar

Author and Founder, Replenish Me

Colin’s approach to coaching, like his own speaking, is powerful because of its emphasis on authenticity. He promotes no formula. He has no “shtick.” He focuses instead on discerning, drawing out, and fully developing a client’s voice and message so that it can be heard. It is what makes Colin a terrific resource for seasoned speakers and for those terrified of an audience.

Tiff Bluemle

Executive Director, Change the Story & Vermont Works for Women

I got further on my speech in one conversation with Colin than I’ve gotten in the last 6 months. Colin’s feedback has been invaluable. He helped me sit in the audience and understand what I would want to learn from me.

Greg Kettner

Team Culture Expert, Greg Kettner Speaks

I speak a lot for events within my industry, but I stepped out of my comfort zone and accepted a speaking gig for a female entrepreneur group. They asked me to come in and speak as an expert on social media storytelling. I was so nervous--but I'm proud to say I knocked it out of the park and got incredible feedback! It was mainly thanks to Colin's tips, especially the tip to describe "a scene rather than a movie.” It translated SO well--I built my entire talk around that concept! I wouldn't have had these tools, or felt as equipped as I did, without Colin's guidance! And bonus win--they've already talked about bringing me back on for future topics!

Claire Flores

Network Marketer and Team Leader

If you had told me 7 years ago that speaking and presenting would be a regular part of my business, I would have said you're crazy. Except that I'm married to Colin. He took me from panic attacks to confidence in a few months time. I never thought I'd get over the butterflies, or know how to shape my message in an impactful way, but here I am getting hired to speak! When he says he can help, he really means it.

Lindsey Lathrop

Negotiation & Self-Promotion Coach

Colin helped me add so much to my presenting. I wasn’t connecting and wasn’t telling a story the way I wanted. Not only did he help me create that (very quickly!) he also helped me come up with a mantra I will use from now on. When the day of my workshop arrived, I was confident and poised!” – Carolina Onuk, Bright Future Leaders Coaching

Caroline Onuk

Coach and Founder of Bright Future Leaders


“‘Financial literacy’ and ‘comedian’ don’t usually go together, but Colin was great!!! He brought in a large crowd of parents and teens, and they had a great time. Colin showed us how saving money can help us reach our goals and make a difference in the world, all with humor and great slides. His only negative review: ‘I wish this presentation was longer.’ I want Colin to speak in every library in America!”

 – Cathleen, Director of Troy Public Library, Michigan

“I’ve seen financial literacy programs shell out a hundred mini calculators, logo pens, and budget sheets and still not have the same kind of impact Colin had with my students. Colin was able to connect with them and apply the concepts to their own lives. And being a comedian increases his coolness factor by two. While few seem able to get this information across to teenagers, Colin had no trouble.”
– Mercedes, High School Teacher

“We were super impressed with how engaged our students were in Colin’s message, and how willing they were to share. Colin brings that out in people with his authentic and relatable way of talking to the crowd.”

– Mary, Director of Career Services, University of Vermont

“I could not get over how inspired I felt after Colin’s speech. Going to this event completely changed my view about my career path. Now I want to one day find a career where I feel as confident and comfortable as Colin does.”

– Will, Student, University of Vermont

“Colin’s take on life, money, and our careers was amazing. I honestly never thought about my future in that way before. I now understand that if I save my money I won’t be giving up the joy that buying things gets me, but instead I’ll be receiving time and opportunities. For me this is a big thing, because I love to shop and spend all the money I have. Colin talked about something he was passionate about, and it made his message much more interesting and real. I believe that Colin is the best speaker I have ever listened to.”

– K.T., University of North Carolina

“Far from just another motivational speaker, Colin really connected with the 150 students and advisors of our Future Business Leaders of America conference. His message touched the audience because, as a former coward who is now a fearless comedian, Colin is funny, he is real, and he speaks from the heart.”

– Betsy, Director, Future Business Leaders of America



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