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7 Movies to Start Money Conversations

10 Movies That Start Money Conversations Here’s a list of recent movies that present creative ways to talk about money. Funny, memorable, and usually get people to engage who otherwise would immediately glaze over at the mention of finances. ...

How to Listen Influentially

The most interesting thing about us is our interest in others. Download: The Lost Art of Listening

How to Tell Your Money Story

Learn the 4 elements of every great story, and how your own money story can open conversation, create connection, and empower others.

11 Finance Movie Clips to Use In The Classroom

Here’s a list of high-quality video clips that can further explain and explore the aspects of personal finance you want to cover. The best part: video is attention-grabbing! WeTheEconomyShort films on economic inequality produced by acclaimed Hollywood directors. This...

Audience Interaction Tool

Here is a foolproof discussion grid to get your audience interacting. A Financial Interaction Tool  

How to Engage a Silent Audience

"I'd love to know: what do you when you have a totally silent audience? It can feel like pulling teeth when you're trying to get an audience to ask questions/respond/react at all but instead they sit there quietly. Help!" Getting a silent audience talking...

5 Ways to Engage Audiences Like Tony Robbins

Motivational speakers know how to make powerful ideas clear, succinct, and memorable. They know how to make each audience member feel like they're talking right to them. And they know how to motivate people to take immediate action - the very goal of...

The Power of Silence When Presenting

Are you the kind of person who loves to listen? Who’s interested in other people's stories? You enjoy hearing the emotions and the story-beats and the details of other people's experiences? You find joy in observing people when they're talking about something they...

How to Be Funnier in Your Lessons

"The shortest distance between two people is laughter." -Victor Borges How to Be Funnier

How to Craft Your Memorable Takeaway

"An important goal I have as a presenter is to make sure what I say is not only captivating, but I really "tie the bow" at the end so the takeaways are really clear." I love this goal. My suggestion for this is to catchphrase your main takeaway. In other...

Public Speaking is an Inside Job

After I gave a training on pitching your work to clients, a graphic designer named Todd came up to me."Here's my problem… When I'm presenting work concepts to clients, I get rattled. I feel like they're judging me, and they think graphic design isn't...