5 Ways to Engage Audiences Like Tony Robbins

Motivational speakers know how to make powerful ideas clear, succinct, and memorable. They know how to make each audience member feel like they're talking right to them. And they know how to motivate people to take immediate action - the very goal of...

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11 Finance Movie Clips to Use In The Classroom

30 Finance Movie Clips to Use In The Classroom Here’s a list of high-quality video clips that can further explain and explore the aspects of personal finance you want to cover. The best part: video is attention-grabbing! WeTheEconomyShort films...

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7 Movies to Start Money Conversations

10 Movies That Start Money Conversations Here’s a list of recent movies that present creative ways to talk about money. Funny, memorable, and usually get people to engage who otherwise would immediately glaze over at the mention of finances. ...

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Financial Education Hinges on the First Hour

Most of us didn’t get much financial education as kids - certainly not as much as we would have liked. Now, as adults, we know how remarkably valuable it is, and we’d love to go back in time and have someone teach us all the things we know now about finances. Except...

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5 Personal Finance Apps that Save You Money and Time

ShopSavvy: lets you scan barcode of item at the store and see if you're getting the best deal based on area stores and online stores Fixx: app that lets you track every time you choose to pass on buying an item and every time you give in... to...

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The Importance of Financial Education

Do you know the nine words almost every adult says when they find out that one of my biggest audiences for financial education is students? “I wish I had that when I was younger.” And then they usually follow it up with sentiments like: “That would have...

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What is Financial Comedy?

It took me a long time to figure out how to describe what I do. I wasn’t purely a comedian or a speaker or a financial planner. I finally cracked it with Financial Comedian or, even more accurately, Comedic Financial Speaker. Do those job titles sound made up to you?...

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