When you are asked to speak in public, would you like to be calm & confident in a situation that makes most people nervous?

When telling a story to make a point, do you want to be succinct, clear and compelling where others would ramble?

In order to motivate your audience, do you want to be able to tell stories and share a message that drives action and gets remembered?

You can.

Our 50+ coaching graduates are:

Organizational Leaders, Candidates for Public Office, Authors, Athletes, Experienced Speakers Aspiring Speakers, Coaches, Public officials, Advocates, Introverts, and all manner of experts and message-driven professionals who feel nauseous when asked to speak in public.

As a coach, I love helping leaders and experts of all kinds stand out, inspire their listeners, and be excited to grow their impact and success through public speaking!

Because the right talk transforms your audience… and you.

Let’s chat!

Meet Your Coach.

My name is Colin. I’m a 10+ year humorous financial speaker and author, and I’ve given over 1,000 speeches in my career, and spent years now teaching what I’ve learned to others. I believe that public speaking nerves and dry information are easily solvable problems, and that you’re only a few hours of coaching away from being a significantly better public speaker.

I can show you how you can be authentically funny, tell memorable stories, and engage even the most intimidating audience, and so that public speaking becomes something you love to do, not something you have to do.

 Leaders are often public speakers, whether we like it or not. You can easily be a better public speaker with the right support, but that can be hard to find:

-Your team will usually just tell you what they think you want to hear.

Your self-assessment will usually make it harder for you to improve, because the drive, perfectionism, and insecurities that got you here in your career will work against you.

-General internet articles will give you 1000 techniques to use, but won’t help you identify your unique voice, or motivate your specific audience, or stop re-living a past bad public speaking experience. (You’re not alone on this one!)


The Public Speaking for Leaders podcast explores public speaking mindsets & techniques to help you take your speaking/presenting to the never level!

This limited series gives you actionable steps and inspiring stories on creating: confidence, income/impact, and unforgettable presentations.