Show Up Like a Pro Speaker (Without Having To Be One)

Speak Like A Pro

Professional speakers stand out.

They earn your attention, tap into your emotion, and inspire you to action. It feels like they’re speaking directly to you.

Speakers spend years learning to do this, because a presentation is an amazing way to make money and make a difference.

Here are 4 lessons that took years to identify so you can benefit from right away.

Video 1

Two Pro Tips For Preparing To Speak

Video 2

The Key to Unforgettable Speaking

Video 3

‘Memorize’ Your Speech In Minutes

Video 4

Make Your Audience the Hero

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Show Up Like a Pro Speaker (Without Having to Be One)

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About Your Coach

Featured everywhere from NPR to Moth Radio Hour and Reader’s Digest, Colin Ryan is a nationally in-demand, award-winning speaker, author, and coach with the background of a professional comedian and storyteller.

To date Colin has spoken to over 500,000 students and adults across North America, and was named one of the top 10 college presenters in the U.S.

Colin is the author of “A Comedic Guide to Money,” a practical gateway guide to personal finance and our relationship to money, and "Unforgettable" a guide to making your next presentation one your audience can't stop thinking about.

Colin is a speakers' mentor, dedicated to helping talented experts become unforgettable ambassadors, find their voice and share their message.

Colin recently moved from Burlington, Vermont to Durham, North Carolina with his wife Lindsey Lathrop and their puppy Remy. Remy is not interested in speaker coaching.

About This Training

In this free video training, Colin shares 4 of the key mindsets and techniques he developed through 10 years of speaking. They’ll help you to: feel more relaxed when you speak, reduce your prep time, stand out from other presenters, and create a lasting connection with your listeners.