Have a speech coming up?

Perhaps you’re giving a talk, appearing on a podcast, a panel or in the media, you’re leading a workshop or webinar, running a meeting, giving a board report, or pitching a key client.

It’s all public speaking when you think about it.

Delivering an amazing speech makes you stand out from your colleagues and competitors.

Giving a boring speech has people checking their phones and worse than that, taking no action at all.

If you’re speaking very soon, you don’t have time for a semester-long public speaking class.

You don’t have the luxury of drafting and redrafting from here to eternity.

You need to nail down your message and get familiar enough to deliver it naturally and effectively.

What if I told you that in just one hour with me, you can make your next talk 30% better?

In our hour, you’ll improve:

10% by structuring your talk for clarity.

10% by balancing your data with stories to gain attention and earn trust.

10% by designing your message so it stays in your listeners minds and drives them to take action.

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Our 50+ coaching graduates are:

Organizational Leaders, Candidates for Public Office, Authors, Athletes, Experienced Speakers Aspiring Speakers, Coaches, Public officials, Advocates, Introverts, and all manner of experts and message-driven professionals who feel nauseous when asked to speak in public.

Meet Your Coach.

My name is Colin Ryan, and I have two professional superpowers.

Number one: I can make the dry subject of personal finance funny, engaging, and life-changing.

Number two: I can show you how to make your message fun, memorable, and impactful in one hour.

I will teach you what I’ve learned over 13 years as a professional speaker, author, storyteller, comedian, and executive coach — to save you countless hours trying to figure it out on your own.

I am also:

Funny Finance Speaker & Author of “A Comedic Guide
to Money”

Creator of the “Underdog Finance” Video Series

Married to my best friend Lindsey and proud dog dad to Remy

Answer a few questions and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

As a coach, I love helping leaders and experts of all kinds stand out, inspire their listeners, and be excited to grow their impact and success through public speaking!

Because the right talk transforms your audience… and you.

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Perfect for:

You have a message your audience needs to hear. We’ll help you say it in a fun, memorable and impactful way.

SPEAKER COACHING: take you from “here’s my idea” to “I now have my roadmap to paid speaking and making an impact.”

LEADER COACHING: prepare you for your next speaking opportunity so you know how to build connection, likability, trust, and engagement with your audience.

PITCH COACHING: create a one-of-a-kind elevator pitch that intrigues and stands out, while being totally genuine and real.

MEDIA TRAINING: coach you on exactly what to say to succeed on podcasts, panels or public appearances, and what to create in your own marketing video content.

WRITING SERVICES: speechwriting, cover letters, signature stories, while teaching you our Story Sequence so you can do it too, in a whole new way in half the time!

Answer a few questions and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

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