“Poignant, honest, funny, unexpected. Reminiscent of Gary Gulman’s The Great Depresh. Brings the hidden topic of mental health out into the open.”

Rachel, adult educator

“In a beautifully compassionate way, Colin captures the power of the mind and how we can change it. The humor he deploys to explore depression is simply brilliant!”

Raya, Clinical Mental Health Counselor


After a revealed family secret changes Colin’s entire understanding of his family, Colin reexamines some of the most transformative aspects of his life: a fundamentalist upbringing, his parents’ painful divorce, his life as a stand up comedian, being thrust into an unlikely career as motivational speaker, and a decades long quest to manage depression, anxiety, imposter syndrome and his own Inner Heckler. His goal? To find a new answer to the essential question – who gets to tell the story of how you become your most authentic self?

UNRELIABLE NARRATOR (A Comedic Guide to Mental Health) is what happens when you become a comedian, then a motivational speaker, then a published author, speak to audiences of thousands, and run a thriving business… only to discover success doesn’t solve your problems, it reveals them.

While managing major depressive disorder as well as generalized anxiety disorder, Colin spent 10 years as a speaker creating spaces for audiences to talk openly about an extremely taboo subject: their finances.

Now Colin is bringing his award-winning presenting style, which emphasizes humor and vulnerability, to empower audiences to better understand and manage the stories they tell themselves.

Using hilarious true stories from the life of an at-times depressed motivational speaker, Colin will create an authentic conversation with your audience around mental health, self-care, shame-reduction, and the power of laughing during tough times.



Using humor, storytelling and vulnerability, Colin makes the challenging subject of mental health accessible and discussible. This talk/performance will show you how your ability to manage your mind directly affects your ability to have the life you want. Skills Taught: the value of seeking out counseling; wellness strategies and systems for success; how to have authentic, connecting conversations; how to tell your story and how to live an even better one. [60 min]


In this entertaining and educational one-hour experience, your audience will learn:
  • how to use mindfulness to identify and respond to unwanted thoughts
  • how to replace coping mechanisms with habits for health and happiness
  • how to build positive relationships that strengthen your self-image
  • the value of counseling and building a support network
  • how to navigate inner critic and impostor syndrome

Colin will also spotlight your resources and upcoming programming.


Length is 60 minutes. Can be performed in a theater or a typical presentation environment. Technical Requests One-Pager.


Students, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Educators, Mental Health Counselors, Allies & Advocates


Understanding Learned Rejection:
Growing up in a chaotic environment, you are rewarded for not making a fuss and not honoring your feelings. You self-soothe through coping mechanisms like emotion suppression and denial of your self-worth. In other words, you replace loyalty to yourself with loyalty to the external world.

Distinguishing an Inherited vs. Chosen Confirmation Bias:
Impostor syndrome creates a version of reality where you are suspicious of other’s affection, because it doesn’t confirm your own bias that you really know yourself and have rejected yourself before others have the chance to do it for you.

The Brain’s Instinct for Protection and Projection:
Authentic relationships threaten the alter ego you create — a version of yourself you cannot access but you can fake. This alter ego starts out as a way of protecting yourself but it also prevents you from progressing and working through your real feelings. And * double bind alert * you judge yourself for not living up to your alter-ego’s reputation as someone who always knows what to do and what to say.

“I’ve never heard such a clear narrative about how a person suffering from depression climbs their way out. Colin’s honesty and sense of humor make this an incredibly compelling and palatable way to help de-stigmatize mental health issues, and point a way towards healing for so many people.” 




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“Simultaneously hilarious and moving, Colin normalizes our anxieties and self-doubts in his profoundly human show. Vulnerable and masterful!”



Colin has an incredible way of balancing lightness and humor with raw authenticity. His show is deeply honest, really funny, and not to be missed!”


Director of Operations and Culture, VCET

“It felt like a motivational talk without being preachy or lecture-y at all.”

“An excellent mixtape of comedy & vulnerability! Colin brings to light so many issues that people wrestle with, and balances humorous stories with serious ones in a way that draws the audience in.”


Author and Storyteller

“Each and every freelance creative I know should see this show.”


Travel Writer

“I loved how much I could relate – it’s like you were in my head!”

“Generous and inspirational, told with an incredible scope that brings audience members into the center of their own lives. Colin is not just a storyteller, he’s a healer.”



“Vulnerability and tough subject matter fused with humor that is both refreshing & spot-on.”



“I could not get over how inspired I felt afterwards.”