“I honestly didn’t know you could have 500 students that engaged and connected for that long.”


“I can’t say enough good things about Colin’s coaching. In only weeks I was presenting with confidence.”


“With my shyness, I couldn’t even speak in a meeting without my voice shaking. Colin took the public speaking fear I have had since childhood and created a shift in a matter of weeks. I love the book The Shift, about the moments in your life where everything changes. I’m already able to look at this as the moment where public speaking started to change for me for the first time in my life. I can’t say enough good things about Colin’s coaching.”

– Michele Ogston, Cloud 9 Life Coaching

“Colin Ryan’s keynote was one of the best I have attended, with eye-opening information and plenty of humor. Colin has a presence about him that makes us want to listen, watch, and wait (sometimes on the edge of our seats) to see what he will say next. For once, I wasn’t looking at the clock to see when this keynote would end.”

– Nancy, Attendee, Vermont Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators

“Colin’s style of speaking is very engaging and interesting – lots of great humor and sarcasm. I loved how much I could relate to Colin’s stories. It felt like a motivational talk without trying–not preach-y or lecture-y at all. Our team was inspired to change it up and try some new things!

– Rae, Office Manager, Simple

“In our first seminar since Colin’s training, our new personal stories and stronger visuals created a much more relaxed atmosphere. We not only got more follow-up requests than we’d expected, but the audience clapped at the end, which I’d not seen happen before.”

– Annie, Mortgage Officer, New England Federal Credit Union

“Our event with Colin really folds in with what we’re hoping to achieve at The New School: to equip students with a way of understanding money, talking about money, and to know what questions they should be asking. As a scholarship manager, I help students find opportunities to fund their education, but a lot of our conversations center around managing money in general. Talking to them about money and having a really frank conversation with them is something a lot of students appreciate. Colin’s talk even helped me think differently about my own experiences. When I got my first full-time job, I bought my family a set of couches on credit I should not have bought. I paid for that mistake for five years, as I tried to pay down that $2,000 bill. The stories Colin told reminded me that our embarrassing lessons are something we should be talking about, because sharing our own mistakes creates more open conversations. And you know what? It’s kind of a funny experience when I look back on it, and it really helps to realize it had a purpose, because I learned something valuable from it.”

– Amani, Student Success, The New School


“‘Financial literacy’ and ‘comedian’ don’t usually go together, but Colin was great!!! He brought in a large crowd of parents and teens, and they had a great time. Colin showed us how saving money can help us reach our goals and make a difference in the world, all with humor and great slides. His only negative review: ‘I wish this presentation was longer.’ I want Colin to speak in every library in America!”

 – Cathleen, Director of Troy Public Library, Michigan

“I’ve seen financial literacy programs shell out a hundred mini calculators, logo pens, and budget sheets and still not have the same kind of impact Colin had with my students. Colin was able to connect with them and apply the concepts to their own lives. And being a comedian increases his coolness factor by two. While few seem able to get this information across to teenagers, Colin had no trouble.”
– Mercedes, High School Teacher

“We were super impressed with how engaged our students were in Colin’s message, and how willing they were to share. Colin brings that out in people with his authentic and relatable way of talking to the crowd.”

– Mary, Director of Career Services, University of Vermont

“I could not get over how inspired I felt after Colin’s speech. Going to this event completely changed my view about my career path. Now I want to one day find a career where I feel as confident and comfortable as Colin does.”

– Will, Student, University of Vermont

“Colin’s take on life, money, and our careers was amazing. I honestly never thought about my future in that way before. I now understand that if I save my money I won’t be giving up the joy that buying things gets me, but instead I’ll be receiving time and opportunities. For me this is a big thing, because I love to shop and spend all the money I have. Colin talked about something he was passionate about, and it made his message much more interesting and real. I believe that Colin is the best speaker I have ever listened to.”

– K.T., University of North Carolina

“Far from just another motivational speaker, Colin really connected with the 150 students and advisors of our Future Business Leaders of America conference. His message touched the audience because, as a former coward who is now a fearless comedian, Colin is funny, he is real, and he speaks from the heart.”

– Betsy, Director, Future Business Leaders of America