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In 10 years of speaking to all kinds of audiences about important but difficult subjects (like personal finance), I have no idea what associations they have. I don’t know their history. I don’t know if they feel shame, or are critical of themselves, or feel stupid. Or even overly confident in this area.

But I know that once they connect to you, they connect to your message.

Which is why I use humor and vulnerability. Those will always connect with people in the way I want – which is to engage in the subject, ask questions and take action.

You may think humor and vulnerability are add-ons, but they are essential. The #1 reason I’ve spent my career filling workshops to standing room only, keynoting at symposiums, and drawing large crowds to learn more about unengaging subjects, is because I use humor and vulnerability.

Think how these results can help you increase the impact of your message and your talents to make a difference in the world.

For the first time ever, I’m going to break down the speaking secrets I’ve developed throughout my 750+ speeches, inspired by my study of comedians, motivational speakers, storytellers, and coaches, and share them all in one book. This is that book, and it’s yours for free.

I know it will make you and your message unforgettable.