ShopSavvy: lets you scan barcode of item at the store and see if you’re getting the best deal based on area stores and online stores

Fixx: app that lets you track every time you choose to pass on buying an item and every time you give in… to show how much you’ve saved and how that money can add up down the road.

Stickk: accountability site where you make a goal and build in a financial consequence if you don’t keep it (ie. they’ll donate some money from you to an organization you passionately don’t believe in!)

Dutch: now you can split the check with friends at a restaurant while cutting down on some of the awkwardness that comes up when you get too into figuring out who ate what!

Mint: this free app will track your credit card and debit card purchases, and help you know how much you’re actually spending SO that you can make adjustments if you want to.