Do your Peer Financial Counselors feel equipped to engage students with confidence?

Your Peer Financial Counselors are your ambassadors.

They represent you and your program, and they may be the first people your students have ever opened up to about their personal finances. They need to be approachable experts.

While your peer counselors may be prepared for one-on-one sessions, do they feel confident to deliver engaging and memorable financial education presentations? Presentations that make attendees excited to follow-up and access your financial education resources?

Let’s help them have an even bigger impact on students…

Hi! I’m Colin! And I’m on a mission to get educators and students talking about money!

I have spent my 10+ year speaking career using humor, storytelling, and authenticity to create connection through entertaining and approachable financial education.

And now I’m here to teach your peer financial counselors how they can approach the taboo subject of money with a sense of humor and a sense of hope.

Some Specific Challenges Peer Financial Counselors Face…

  • Particularly in a Zoom environment, it has been difficult to engage with the audience and get a sense of their reactions.”
  • “My challenge with getting engagement in presentations is wanting to do better reading the audience and giving them breaks and check-ins so it’s not just way too much information!”
  • “When giving presentations, my challenge is around being more engaging. It can be really difficult when I feel like I am just giving info and I’m not sure if people are engaged.”

Testimonials from Peer Financial Counselors AFTER the Training

Our training with Colin had a lot of great audience engagement and interaction throughout, which not only made the information more memorable, it gave me a practical example of the skills I can use in future presentations.

Kavya D.

Peer Financial Counselor, UC Berkeley

I liked how this training wasn’t just a bunch of fluffy terms – I learned new tips and tricks I can apply in our actual work, and in specific instances in workshops. I really appreciated that, along with Colin’s positive energy and interest in us.

Shreyas H.

Peer Financial Counselor, UC Berkeley

I really enjoyed the strategies to connect with people, and the idea that our financial advice should come from a place of concern and non-judgement. I can’t wait to connect more with my audience, knowing that sharing about ourselves inspires others to share about themselves.

Jacqueline V.

Peer Financial Counselor, UC Berkeley

Here’s how I can support your Peer Financial Counselors:

Become A Confident, Memorable Peer Financial Presenter in Only 90 minutes — live training, you can request in-person or virtual

A recent study found only 5% of attendees recalled a statistic after a presentation, while over 63% recalled a story.

Every member of your Peer Financial Counselor team has a persuasive story to tell – one that can motivate students to be proactive about their personal finances instead of reactive.

Your peer financial counselors will learn dynamic presenting skills to engage students in financial conversations and increase turnout for their presentations.

Effortlessly Use Humor & Heart in Your Financial Conversations — 3 part video series with worksheets for discussion

We’ll provide an engaging video series to reinforce the training and help your Peer Financial Counselors practice these skills in their very next workshop.

  • Video 1: Telling money stories
  • Video 2: Using humor to teach about money
  • Video 3: Creating interaction during presentations
  • Worksheets: Key points from each video + space for notes

Each video is 6 minutes so they’re easy to consume for discussion at your next meeting.

Through this fast and powerful training, your peer financial counselors will learn presenting techniques like:

overcoming public speaking nervousness

adopting the mindset of an Approachable Expert

reaching students who are unaware they need
help or that you exist and can help them

creating intrigue to get more attendance

using decision design to book more counseling appointments

listening both actively & non-judgmentally

and creating psychological safety (aka vulnerability)

Let’s talk about supporting your Peer Financial Counselors:

When you can present in a way that not only informs but also creates intrigue, earns trust, fosters safety, and instills confidence, you go from unrelatable expert to unforgettable ambassador.

Let’s equip your Peer Financial Counselors to deliver unforgettable messages your students want to hear again and again.

About Your Coach

Featured everywhere from NPR to Moth Radio Hour and Reader’s Digest, Colin Ryan is a nationally in-demand, award-winning speaker, author, and coach with the background of a professional comedian and storyteller.

To date Colin has spoken to over 500,000 students and adults across North America, and was named one of the top 10 college presenters in the U.S.

Colin is the author of “A Comedic Guide to Money,” a practical gateway guide to personal finance and our relationship to money, and "Unforgettable" a guide to making your next presentation one your audience can't stop thinking about.

Colin is a speakers' mentor, dedicated to helping talented experts become unforgettable ambassadors, find their voice and share their message.

Colin recently moved from Burlington, Vermont to Durham, North Carolina with his wife Lindsey Lathrop and their puppy Remy. Remy is not interested in speaker coaching.