Lindsey Lathrop, Negotiation Coach & Google #IAmRemarkable Top 100 Global Facilitator

Lindsey Lathrop is a certified business & negotiation coach, a Top 100 Global Facilitator with Google’s #IAmRemarkable Initiative, and my wife and favorite person in the world.

In addition to being, and it’s worth repeating, a Top 100 Global Facilitator with Google’s #IAmRemarkable Initiative!​​, she has also been my personal negotiation coach throughout my speaking career.

She is also​​ someone who instinctively and tirelessly adds value to the people around her, and a lot of people could back this up!
In our conversation we talk about:
  • How Lindsey turned a childhood wound into a superpower to help others. And because she’s such a talented coach, she presents a unique way you can do the same when clichés like “Just love yourself” don’t seem to solve anything.
  • How she came to realize that workshop presenting IS speaking, and what she learned from giving 50 (!) workshops in 2020.
  • The results she achieved by acknowledging that the world is probably not going to put a microphone in your hands and dub you a speaker, but you don’t need it to. She went ahead and did that for herself, and has seen significant business growth.
​Lindsey is powerful proof that you can promote yourself to speaker, do the minutes to become a more confident and charismatic presenter, and then watch how it changes your life and business.
Learn more about Lindsey at her website, and follow her on Instagram at @coach_lins.