Kelsa Dickey, Financial Coach & Founder of Fiscal Fitness PHX and Financial Coaches Unite

Kelsa and her husband Michael are the founders of Fiscal Fitness PHX and Financial Coaches Unite, and she has been featured on CNN Money, USA Today and MSN Money.

Kelsa is as sharp as they come and has helped countless people through her coaching, yet she’s also shows real candor and authenticity about her own mistakes and learning. This makes her an approachable expert, something I encourage all presenters to strive for.

In our conversation we 
talk about:

  • why business-owners bootstrap (and how to recognize when it’s leading you away from joy and toward burnout)
  • ways you can motivate your audience/listener to take action when that action won’t pay off for a long time
  • the surprising results you get when you serve your audience with both your content expertise and a beginner’s mind at the same time

Kelsa also has a podcast, and two episodes in particular made me want to interview her for Courageous Presenters. Those episodes are: Coach Kelsa’s Top 5 Money Mistakes  &  How Money Changes the Way You Think & Feel.