How to Build Your Wealth,
Master Powerful Habits,
and Reach the Life You Want



Despite having a fearful relationship with money, this book gave me confidence that dealing with money isn’t as daunting as it seems.


Among the hundreds of clients I coach each year, one thing shows up every time: their understanding (or lack thereof) when it comes to money. Facing fear and saving money have not only been the backdrop of Colin’s life story, but of every one of my clients’ stories as well. There has not been a book that better tackles the subject of money and our shame around mismanaging it than ‘A Comedic Guide to Money.’ Colin Ryan offers us a vehicle to make immediate change in our habits and our relationship to money, and to find the freedom we all crave.

Amy Magyar, PCC, CVCC, Professional Coach

An easy, casual, not-at-all-grueling guide to making the most out of my life financially.


As a parent of two teenage boys, I was anxious to give my kids financial savvy and help them create a solid foundation for their future. But when do teenagers want to hear a parental lecture about the value of saving money?!? NEVER!!! That’s where Colin Ryan comes in. This book is an accessible, practical, useful and FUNNY guide that kids will want to read!

Jean Reinsborough, MA, LADC, SEP, Psychologist-Masters

In this book, Colin has poured his heart out and deconstructed what others have deemed a complicated subject, all to provide you with the HOW and WHY of building a better relationship with your money.

My friend, open this book and allow Colin to be your personal guide on how to master your money!

This book is an easy way into the world of money. Plus it’s funny, which alleviates the stress and stigma that surrounds money.


This book can change your understanding of money. I know… it changed mine. Also, my dad needs to read this book!


Paves a clear path to avoiding debt, saving money like a pro, and seeing money as a little less intimidating.


When I met Colin I knew he was destined for great things. He is authentic, funny, engaging, and knows how to connect with his audience. He is living his passion and dream. If you want a humorous and realistic approach to handling money, this book is a must-read!

Colleen Wedge
Teacher, Champlain Valley Union High School

Most people don’t think about money being a funny topic. And yet Colin Ryan has taken this extremely important subject and translated it in digestible, relatable and humorous fashion. This is the money book that you will actually finish reading!

It is vital for everyone to increase the power of their financial knowledge in order to make the right choices and decisions for them. In this book, Colin provides the knowledge and tools you need in a way you won’t soon forget!

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The Center for Financial Literacy at Champlain College (producer of the Financial Literacy National Report Card) bought a copy for every participant in their Teacher's Summer Institute.

Why I Wrote 'A Comedic Guide to Money'

There aren't a ton of personal finance books that non-financial educators and professionals would actually pick up and choose to read on their own. This book is fun, engaging, and a total breeze to read.

A Comedic Guide to Money is a fun, non-threatening introduction that gets people to dig further into financial education (and then read all those other great books!) This book includes field-tested skills and game-changing mindset shifts to help you start money conversations and overcome common financial challenges:


Everyone secretly wants to talk about money, but we don’t know if it’s acceptable so we don’t have much practice. This book questions and obliterates the taboo of talking about money.


Finances don’t have to be boring, and let’s face it, thinking they are one of the biggest reasons we try to ignore opportunities to learn more. It turns out that money is a pretty fascinating subject, hidden underneath some of the most unappealing-sounding terms you’ll ever hear: investing, budgeting, credit cards, interest-bearing accounts, bonds, loans, consumerism, and compound interest. Let’s not forget premium flexible annuities. I’m sure you’ll agree, these phrases don’t tend to bring people running to find out more. But once you understand how these and other financial concepts work, the world of money opens up to you.


I wanted to live a creative, fulfilling life. Not because I love finances inherently. I don’t look at long columns of data for fun. When I hear the word “amortization,” I either cringe or want to take a nap. Sometimes both. This story shows you how I connected to my own relationship to money, and altered it to create big success. But the simple fact is that we live in a system where what we don’t know about money affects us, even limits our ability to have the life we want. Once I admitted to myself this was true, I knew I needed to stand up for my own dream, and learn the skills to having a happy and fulfilling life.


The biggest barrier to financial knowledge is feeling dumb when we hear a term we think we're supposed to know. This book will teach you what you need to know, build your confidence, and show how you’re probably already doing better than you think!


Even the smallest win can create a new sense of self. Successful money habits require discipline and discomfort. But they are really just small decisions over time that lead to a better result.

This book identifies the smallest possible behavior changes, which will turn inertia into momentum, and get you wondering what else is possible.


I can’t wait for you to get to know the story of my 4’9” British grandmother; my Scottish reverse-mentor, and my sponsored child in El Salvador who turned out to be smarter than me.


75% are in financial stress, 25% of those in extreme financial stress. Finances are also the #1 reason for relationships breaking down. This is all we ever hear – we’re being taught to believe our situation is destined to remain negative, even hopeless. The truth is, positivity is a powerful mindset shift we all are capable of making. And once we do, we being to change our behavior for the better.

Because our ability manage our money directly affects our ability to build the life we want.

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