Not only did I get support around adding humor — Colin’s coaching has changed my whole perspective on presenting and that is a great take away!

Kellie S.


What if every time you spoke, people paid attention for the entire time?

Yes. The ENTIRE time.

Here’s the thing: we aren’t taught how to be engaging. We’re just expected to know how to speak and motivate people to do something with our message.

How unfair is that?

When we have an important message to share, we’re often given the content, but not given the support on how to make that content engaging. 

I’ve synthesized what I’ve learned over the last 15+ years as a successful comedic speaker into a 5 week virtual course – with direct access to me, coaching you along the way.


If humor sounds like a fun add-on rather than an essential skill, then let me tell you about my speaking career…

For 10 years I’ve been speaking to large audiences about a very challenging subject: personal finance. Yikes.

From the beginning I knew it would take every ounce of my effort and creativity and determination to find a way to make such a boring, confusing, depressing, subject into a memorable, accessible, inviting, practical, and conversational experience.

It wasn’t an option. The material was too important to just lecture and hope they found the value. I mean, I even had to make sure they attended in the first place. Then I needed to engage them. I figured out that by asking my audience questions, improvising off of their responses, and incorporating a genuine sense of humor and playfulness, I could combat the negative emotion this important message brings. The result: not only have people in my audiences learned how to hack bad habits, they’ve learned to let go of shame, laugh in times of stress, and take hold of their power to reframe their mistakes into meaningful lessons they can share with others.

Sometimes audience-members will share things with me in front of hundreds of people that they’ve never told to anyone. I’m amazed and honored every time it happens.

But I know why it does. And I know exactly how you too can get people to open up on any subject.

All by using humor.

Humor is a skill on which you can build a speaking career. Because…

1. Humor is engaging. From my very first speech on, the #1 reason people would say they booked me is because my message is engaging. I take a tough subject and bring it to life in an enjoyable way.

2. Humor is connecting. Humor is a way to get your audience to interact with you, and their laughter helps you manage your nervousness.

3. Humor is surprising. You don’t have to be a comedian to harness the power of saying the thing no one expects, or to say aloud the thing every one is thinking about your subject but no expects you would say.

4. Humor is uplifting. Having a sense of playfulness and positivity is the antidote to the dry, lecture feel a room gets during most presentations.



Most of us experience a lot of laughter in day-to-day life, and have experienced that amazing feeling of making others laugh with something we said. But when we go to speak or present or write a compelling email the humor seems to be gone. You end up puzzled, shrugging your shoulders and saying “You had to be there.”

Comedians have learned how to tell stories so you never end up thinking “I guess I had to be there” – you think “It feels like I actually was there.” In my training as a stand-up comedian, I discovered comedy is not magic. It’s a method. You can use it to up your game. You can be funny, on purpose, exactly when you need to be.

I want to take what I’ve learned from 5 years of doing stand-up in clubs, open mics, bars, experimenting and often failing strategically and frequently in order to develop a simple 5 step process so you can make your message funnier and more memorable.

And the best part is, all I’m teaching you to be is yourself, and to tap into your authentic sense of humor.


I’ve created this 5 week group coaching program, filled with actionable secrets that you can immediately apply to find the humor in your content and get your audience to actually engage with it. 

In it, I’m giving you a memorable, connecting, empowering, rewarding method of being the best version of you for your audience, in a way that makes your message come alive. This process will be great for you if you’re looking for get stronger as a presenter or in creating content for videos, your website, emails, and your elevator pitch.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, I’ll be with you each week to give you my insights and share tips from ten years plus as a speaker, saving you time and moving you toward your most important goals. Because the world needs to hear your story, and if you learn to tell it the best way possible, they will.


Colin Ryan

Featured everywhere from NPR to Moth Radio Hour and Reader’s Digest, Colin Ryan is a nationally in-demand, award-winning speaker, author, and educator with the background of a professional comedian and storyteller. To date Colin has spoken to over 500,000 students and adults across North America, and was named one of the top 10 college presenters in the U.S.

Colin is the author of “A Comedic Guide to Money,” a practical gateway guide to personal finance and our relationship to money, and “Unforgettable” a guide to making your next speech a speech your audience can’t stop talking about.

Colin is a speakers’ mentor, dedicated to serving others to find their voice and share their message with the world.

Colin grew up in California, New York, and currently lives in Burlington, Vermont. Colin is married to Lindsey, a Business and Negotiation Coach.


My favorite part was learning the 4 types of humor (I was happy to see I’m naturally included toward positive humor) and the 5 sources of humor.

When I started this course, I believed I rarely come across funny moments that relate to my subject matter. This week, my 3-year-old said something about consumerism that made me laugh out loud and I immediately pulled out my phone to voice-record myself repeating what she had said. Without the course I wouldn’t have thought to capture that!

Emily R.


Here’s What You’ll Have Access To

This is a 5-week group coaching course delivered online, with weekly live group coaching calls with direct access to Colin, and includes access to video content and worksheets delivered right to your inbox and through the private membership site.

You get direct access to Colin every week through live group coaching sessions (1x / week) where you can workshop your ideas with him, ask questions, benefit from myriad speaking tips, and benefit from the feedback of a supportive audience of your peers.

In addition to the coaching sessions, you will receive worksheets and bonus resources. Beyond the worksheets and the trainings, you can communicate with Colin between sessions about whatever comes up.

Course includes:

5 weeks of exclusive content to help you add humor to your message (VALUE $1500)

5 group coaching sessions to learn from Colin and your peers, accessible live via Google Hangouts or Dial-In with Audio and Video, with recordings made available to you (VALUE  $1000)

Between Session Worksheets to Deepen Your Results (VALUE $500)

24/7 Virtual Coaching With Colin to Ask Anything, Anytime, To Deepen Your Learning, Move Past Blocks, and Gain Additional Perspective (Responded Weekly) (VALUE $900)


We have a 15 day money back guarantee! If you are not satisfied that Adding Humor to Your Message is helping you raise your performance as a presenter and communicator, let us know and we will refund you. 


Seats are LIMITED this time around, and it is our FINAL SCHEDULED GROUP SESSION IN 2019. 

3 Actionable Benefits of the Course:

Learn the Process Comedians Use

What sets this program apart is the process. This is not shticky, hacky course that will bring groans to your audience. I won’t teach you how to use puns in order to lose friends and alienate people. I’ll teach you how to harness your voice to tell your story in the funniest, most relatable way possible. And you’ll get real-time feedback along the way!

Gain Amazing ROI On Your Time

Adding humor can turn you into a better speaker and give you more opportunities to get in front of an audience. Comedians connect through likeability, and set themselves up to be both human and expert in the eyes of their listeners.

Have Way More Fun Presenting

Once you get laughs, you’ll want to be in front of more and more audiences. It’s an incredibly addictive (but healthy) pasttime. This program is way more than mindset, it offers you tools and practical opportunities to implement your plans!

I LOVE how the 5 steps tie all the lessons together, and that it talked about different places I can share this message other than on a stage in front of people – as written stories for my website, my emails, social media, etc.

I also appreciated how this course shows you how much better you can be by keeping your focus on your listener and not on yourself.

Michael H.



Who is this program designed for?

You are a working professional and/or entrepreneur with a message in a subject area that may be challenging (e.g. dry, confusing, depressing) and aren’t getting the kind of engagement you’d really like to (e.g. questions, follow-ups, donations, volunteers, attendance at your next event, etc.)


What is the time commitment?

You can expect to go through each module in 30 minutes. The worksheets will take 15-30 minutes. And then each weekly group coaching session is 1 hour. So that’s a total of 1.5 hours per week.

How do I get convince my supervisor this is worth-while investment?

Great question! I know budgets can be limited, especially when it comes to professional development funds. Use this LETTER TEMPLATE to convince your supervisor to reimburse you or pay for it.

How do I access the content?

When you register, you’ll get access to the private membership site where you can enroll in the course. From there, you will receive new content each week, with an inbox reminder to login and get going. 

Each live group coaching call will happen on Google Hangouts on Wednesdays from 7-8pm ET.


How do the weekly live group coaching calls happen?

Each live group coaching call will happen on Google Hangouts on Wednesdays from 7-8pm ET. You’ll have the link sent to you with a reminder.

Again, this is your opportunity to get feedback on your material, ask questions, and hear what your peers are working on. 


What’s your refund policy?

We have a 15 day money back guarantee! If you are not satisfied that Adding Humor to Your Message is helping you raise your performance as a presenter and communicator, let us know and we will refund you. 


I knew Colin from the personal finance world and anytime I heard him speak, I’d find myself asking “how does he do that?” He was always getting laughs! I wanted that, too. So happy I took his course because I’m getting them now! 

Zoe W.


I’m a non-fiction writer and often get asked to do readings. I decided to give Colin’s course a go because I want to have a great time when they come out to hear me. It was amazing how quickly I was applying the lessons I was learning. So helpful for anyone who doesn’t feel naturally funny and needs a jump start.

Janet C.