10 Movies That Start Money Conversations

Here’s a list of recent movies that present creative ways to talk about money. Funny, memorable, and usually get people to engage who otherwise would immediately glaze over at the mention of finances.

Wayne’s World

Features a classic example of self-aware product placement (here)

Identity Thief

Great news for financial educators! Hollywood recently produced a big-budget funny movie that can be used to begin a conversation about the danger of identity theft.


this movie regularly implies that a car that costs $4,000 is a piece of junk which is not true; also, this 30-second clip that shows this movie is a 2-hour car commercial.

Boiler Room

a look at the life of daytraders and the stockbrokers who sell to them, often over the phone and rarely in person

The Other Guys

Closing credits features excellent infographic video of 2008 economic collapse (here)

Winter’s Bone

Superstar Jennifer Lawrence’s first film is a powerful look at life in a generational cycle of poverty.


The challenges and risks (and rewards) of pursuing a career as an athlete; also explores the pressures to succeed on a child of immigrants to America