Do you want more Impact & Income when sharing your message?

You can do this by speaking with humor & heart!

Not only is this fun and meaningful, it makes listening

to you impossible to resist.

Communicate with Humor and Heart

To sell your services, build your client list, and make a far greater difference in people’s lives, engage your audience with humor and heart.

Speaking with natural humor makes you genuine and approachable. Speaking from the heart makes you and your message uplifting and unforgettable.

A playful sense of humor makes you human, memorable, and trustworthy.

Stories designed using my proven sequence generate impact and income.

Stories make your lesson, advice and message more clear, memorable and effective. They teach without being preachy, make you more memorable, and create the courage and trust your audience needs to get vulnerable with you and ask for help.

There are 3 ways I can help you:


Your Story.

👉 Email me the word STORY and I’ll personally help you write yours so your audience OPENS UP.


 Your strategy.

👉 Email me the word STRATEGY and I’ll send you my free guide to get your audience to SHOW UP and SIGN UP.

3. The Approachable Expert Program

I care because being known as an APPROACHABLE EXPERT has served me better than being an EXPERT.

Combining these two elements propelled me to a successful 10+ year career as a financial speaker, author and storyteller.

Along the way I’ve become passionate about helping leaders like you learn the simple, powerful skills so your listeners SHOW UP, OPEN UP, and SIGN UP to find out more.

👉 SHOW UP: Position yourself as a trustworthy source and package your talk as a do-not-miss event.

👉 OPEN UP: The right words and body language will create connection, interaction, psychological safety, and the motivation they need to change their lives.

👉 SIGN UP: Transformation doesn’t happen after just one talk – get them seeking out your resources & services to improve their life.