The keys to having an impact

is to get your audience to


You can do this by telling better stories! 

Stories make your lesson, advice and message more clear, memorable and effective. Stories teach without being preachy, they make experts approachable, and they give your audience the courage and sense of safety needed to get vulnerable with you and ask for your help.

There are two specific ways I can help you:


Your Story.

👉 Email me the word STORY and I’ll personally help you write yours so your audience OPENS UP.


 Your strategy.

👉 Email me the word STRATEGY and I’ll send you my free guide to get your audience to SHOW UP and SIGN UP.

Why do I care about stories so much?

Because telling stories is how I’ve been able to have a successful 10+ year career in financial education.

Being known as an APPROACHABLE EXPERT has served me better than just being an EXPERT.

That’s the power of storytelling and I can teach you how you can also use this tool to get your audience to show up, open up, and sign up with you.

👉 SHOW UP: Position yourself as a trustworthy source and package your talk as a do-not-miss event.
👉 OPEN UP: The right words and body language will create connection, interaction, psychological safety, and the motivation they need to change their lives.
👉 SIGN UP: Transformation doesn’t happen after just one talk – get them seeking out your resources & services to improve their life.


You can read more about my journey here.