Here’s a list of high-quality video clips that can further explain and explore the aspects of personal finance you want to cover. The best part: video is attention-grabbing!


Short films on economic inequality produced by acclaimed Hollywood directors. This one features comedian Patton Oswalt in an all-out capitalist competition with a much younger entrepreneur.

Turbotax Super Bowl Commercial

An amazing example of how you can make money less boring: by focusing on the payoff that comes from following financial advice. Ask your audience: what do you want to get in life that money can pave the way toward? Find your motivation in life and you’ll be motivated to manage money to get to it.

Alexa Von Tobel at TEDxWall Street

The CEO of Learnvest on America’s Financial Illiteracy Epidemic. Added value: seeing a strong and successful female investor tell her story.

The Story of Stuff:

Millions of views and climbing. This is the first in a series of cleverly-illustrated videos that break down what it often amounts to when you live in a society that constantly pressures you to consume.

The Story of Solutions

Learn about “the Game of More” and what we can do about it.

Gangnam Style

Did you know the one of the most viewed Youtube videos is a critique of consumerism? Beneath the dance craze it inspired, Gangnam Style is actually a send-up of the endless and empty materialism rampant in an area (about the size of Manhattan) in Seoul, South Korea known for its wealthy, “new money,” inhabitants.

Transformers’ One-Minute Car Commercial

Here is a paid commercial hiding in a movie, with the message: if you have a brand new car people will want to date you. Except that less than 25% of millionaires buy this year’s model of car, and less than 20% lease. Most millionaires spend less on cars, not more.

A “Psychic” Reveals His Secret

Nothing like a killer twist. One of the challenges of talking about the dangers of identity theft is that people who haven’t experienced it may end up thinking “this will never happen to me.” This fantastic video can bring the subject home for your intended audience, and how important it is to consider taking precautions.

Lending Tree – I Have the Perfect Life

A commercial that actually gives us a more accurate picture of a lot of people who look like they “have it made.” What if we all told more honest stories about money successes AND struggles?

MasterCard – Cashier

This video from the “Priceless” series accidentally reveals how every commercial is really just trying to find the one thing they can say that you’ll connect with, and then buy their product.

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