“A hysterical storyteller in the vein of Mike Birbiglia.”

National Jumpstart

Colin’s Keynote Speeches:

A comedic guide to money

Perfect for: College Students, Millennials, Parents, Staff, Entrepreneurs

“A Comedic Guide to Money” is a 45-60 minute speech to help you learn to have a healthier relationship with money and to motivate them to develop the skills and resources it takes to get there.

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The Art of Connection

Perfect for: Financial Educators & Financial Service Professionals

“The Art of Connection” is a 60-minute workshop to help you learn how to use humor, project confidence, listen influentially, harness authenticity, and tell great stories in order to reach their audience.

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You get much more when you book Colin. He also provides:

Multi-Channel Social Media Kit

Plug and play social media content to promote your upcoming speaking event.

Quick Guide to Drawing A Crowd

A compilation of success strategies to get the attendance you want.

Marketing Templates for You

Press release template, Invite-a-friend email template, and Custom poster templates that help you save time and spread the word.

Custom Event Registration Form

Get clarity on their specific needs, collect emails for following up, and measure the success of your marketing efforts.

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