“I didn’t know you could have 500 students that engaged and connected for that long.”


Reasons why people have worked with Colin:

  • Because Colin’s event drew a larger audience than any financial education event they’d done to date.
  • Because Colin connected as effectively with the youth in the room as he did with the adults.
  • Because Colin’s sense of humor and passion for helping people empower themselves through great financial understanding leads to a conversation that is funny, memorable, and accessible no matter your background.


Colin regularly keynotes at financial industry conferences in order to show teams how to solve the strategic issue facing every financial institution today: how to reach younger members. By linking comedy and financial advice together, Colin offers a new and different way to reach the young people who are both in our schools and our workforce.

From the beginning of his career Colin has worked with credit unions, banks, and financial services companies to strengthen their financial literacy efforts. Colin's sponsored public events increase financial understanding in your community and build awareness of your organization as an ongoing ally and resource. His strategy sessions and staff trainings teach your team the skills needed to deliver dynamic, personalized customer education.

Jennifer Esser, Director of Education, Wisconsin Credit Union League:
Our audience participants scored Colin as one of their favorite speakers of the [2016 Wisconsin Credit Union League Annual Convention]. I attribute that to Colin’s approachability, his ability to engage our audience [of 300], and his courage in telling his own authentic story. Colin’s speech helped people see exactly how they can connect and gain common ground with the people they serve, building relationships where people will feel comfortable enough to be open about their finances.”

Annie, Mortgage Officer at New England Federal Credit Union
In our first seminar since Colin’s training, our new personal stories and stronger visuals created a much more relaxed atmosphere. We not only got more follow-up requests than we'd expected, but the audience clapped at the end, which I'd not seen happen before.”
Rae, Office Manager at Simple
Colin's style of speaking is very engaging and interesting - lots of great humor and sarcasm. I loved how much I could relate to Colin's stories. It felt like a motivational talk without trying--not preach-y or lecture-y at all. Our team was inspired to change it up and try some new things!


Colleges across America have brought Colin in because he draws large student audiences, connects students to their existing counseling programs, and offers trainings for their financial counselors in creating dynamic, creative financial literacy that decreases student debt and increases retention and job placement.

Attendees, 2016 National Summit on Collegiate Financial Wellness:
“Best session of the summit!”
“Absolutely spectacular!”
“New, different and insightful!”
“Left wanting more!”

Nancy, Attendee, Vermont Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators:
Colin Ryan’s keynote was one of the best I have attended, with eye-opening information and plenty of humor. Colin has a presence about him that makes us want to listen, watch, and wait (sometimes on the edge of our seats) to see what he will say next. For once, I wasn’t looking at the clock to see when this keynote would end.”

Mary, Director of Career Services, University of Vermont:
We were super impressed with how engaged our students were in Colin's message, and how willing they were to share. Colin brings that out in people with his authentic and relatable way of talking to the crowd."

Will, Student, University of Vermont
I could not get over how inspired I felt after Colin's speech. Going to this event completely changed my view about my career path. Now I want to one day find a career where I feel as confident and comfortable as Colin does."

Why College Students Find Colin Engaging


For years now Colin has been working with libraries across the country through FINRA’s SmartInvesting@YourLibrary Program, providing unique financial education community events and financial literacy trainings for library staff. Also, Colin loves spreading awareness about the powerful resource libraries are in their communities.

Cathleen, Director of Troy Public Library, Michigan:
'Financial literacy’ and ‘comedian’ don’t usually go together, but Colin was great!!! He brought in a large crowd of parents and teens, and they had a great time. Colin showed us how saving money can help us reach our goals and make a difference in the world, all with humor and great slides. His only negative review: ‘I wish this presentation was longer.’ I want Colin to speak in every library in America!”

Justine, Business Librarian, New Hanover County Library, North Carolina:
Colin is very down to earth and a great person to work with. Most importantly, his message about money matters is enduring. His presentation was funny, engaging, and the audience absolutely loved him! I HIGHLY recommend Colin!"

Curtis Library 1


Colin learned how to be a speaker by presenting to teenage audiences, and proudly continues to serve high schools with schoolwide assemblies that prepare students for the financial realities of life after high school, show students how the spending pressure companies put on them gets them to influence each other, teaches them how to ask questions and connect their dreams in life to their daily money choices.

Mercedes, High School Teacher:
I’ve seen financial literacy programs shell out a hundred mini calculators, logo pens, and budget sheets and still not have the same kind of impact Colin had with my students. Colin was able to connect with them and apply the concepts to their own lives. And being a comedian increases his coolness factor by two. While few seem able to get this information across to teenagers, Colin had no trouble."

KT, High School Student:
Colin's take on life, money, and our careers was amazing. I honestly never thought about my future in that way before. I now understand that if I save my money I won’t be giving up the joy that buying things gets me, but instead I’ll be receiving time and opportunities. For me this is a big thing, because I love to shop and spend all the money I have. Colin talked about something he was passionate about, and it made his message much more interesting and real. I believe that Colin is the best speaker I have ever listened to.”

Logan, High School Student:
Normally, when a guest speaker comes in it’s like *nap time,* but I was fascinated by the way Colin talked about economies and how each person has their own. People are constantly telling me to save my money, but it never really got through until he presented to us."

Betsy, Director, Future Business Leaders of America:
Far from just another motivational speaker, Colin really connected with the 150 students and advisors of our Future Business Leaders of America conference. His message touched the audience because, as a former coward who is now a fearless comedian, Colin is funny, he is real, and he speaks from the heart.”

“Hysterical and fascinating”
“Sounds like a peer and not like a parent”
“Great balance of humor and heart”
“So inspiring”