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Apps & Online Tools for Saving Money

ShopSavvy: lets you scan barcode of item at the store and see if you're getting the best deal based on area stores and online stores
Fixx: app that lets you track every time you choose to pass on buying an item and every time you give in... to show how much you’ve saved and how that money can add up down the road.
Stickk: accountability site where you make a goal and build in a financial consequence if you don't keep it (ie. they'll donate some money from you to an organization you passionately don't believe in!)
Dutch: now you can split the check with friends at a restaurant while cutting down on some of the awkwardness that comes up when you get too into figuring out who ate what!

Self-assessment: The "What's Your Money Type?" Quiz by Olivia Mellan

Save On Your Phone: The Best Cheap Prepaid Phone Plans You've Never Heard Of
106 Money Saving Tips
(from the very popular
Order Razors Online: Dorco or ShaveMob
Learn the Lingo: Investopedia
Five Best Personal Finance Tools
Why I Cancelled
How I Would Try to Hack Your Mint Account: Doesn't mean it's not safe, but includes some great best practices for using your mint site when you're connected to a public, unencrypted wifi service.

For College Students:
10 Minute Podcast on Student Loans (very helpful, plus it's read in a clear and fun robot voice!)
Debt vs. Forbearance
Save Big on College Textbooks

Money Video Clips, Commercials & Movies

WeTheEconomy: Short films on economic inequality produced by acclaimed Hollywood directors.
Peter Belagius' Money in the Movies: "America's Financial Educator" Peter Bielagus uses popular movies from 'Batman Begins' to 'The Devil Wears Prada' as a jumping off point to talk about financial and economic concepts featured within
Alexa Von Tobel at TEDxWall Street: The CEO of Learnvest on America's Financial Illiteracy Epidemic
The Story of Stuff: Millions of views and climbing. This is the first in a series of cleverly-illustrated videos that break down what it often amounts to when you live in a society that constantly pressures you to consume.
The Story of Solutions: Learn about "the Game of More" and what we can do about it.
Gangnam Style: Did you know the most viewed video in youtube history is a critique of consumerism? Beneath the dance craze it inspired, Gangnam Style is actually a send-up of the endless and empty materialism rampant in an area (about the size of Manhattan) in Seoul, South Korea known for its wealthy, “new money," inhabitants.
Transformers' One-Minute Car Commercial
: a classic example of the idea that if you have a nice car people will want to date you
A "Psychic" Reveals His Secret: Nothing like a killer twist. One of the challenges of talking about the dangers of identity theft is that people who haven't experienced it may end up thinking "this will never happen to me." This fantastic video can bring the subject home for your intended audience, and how important it is to consider taking precautions.

Lending Tree - I Have the Perfect Life: a commercial that actually gives us a more accurate picture of a lot of people who look like they "have it made"
MasterCard - Cashier: This video from the "Priceless" series accidentally reveals how every commercial is really just trying to find the one thing they can say that you'll connect with, and then buy their product.
Turbotax Super Bowl Commercial: an amazing example of how you can make money less boring: by focusing on the payoff that comes from following financial advice
Wayne's World: classic example of self-aware product placement
Identity Thief: Great news for financial educators! Hollywood recently produced a big-budget funny movie that can be used to begin a conversation about the danger of identity theft.
Transformers: this movie regularly implies that paying $4,000 for a car equals a piece of junk car (aka "you get what you pay for") which is not true; also, this 30-second clip that shows this movie is a 2-hour car commercial.
Trading Places: the have and the have-nots
Boiler Room: a look at the life of daytraders and the stockbrokers who sell to them, often over the phone and rarely in person
A Fan List of Movies About Money
The Other Guys: Closing credits features excellent infographic video of 2008 economic collapse (here)
Couples Retreat: a forgettable comedy that includes a great opening scene of one character with bad credit pressuring his friend into co-signing on a motorcyle that he's buying to impress a younger girlfriend and heal the pain of his recent divorce. Dangerous spending mixed with pressure from a friend to help someone's bad credit get even worse.
Winter's Bone: superstar Jennifer Lawrence's first film is a powerful look at life in a generational cycle of poverty
Goal: the challenges and risks (and rewards) of pursuing a career as an athlete; also explores the pressures to succeed on a child of immigrants to America
Money Blogs, Books & Documentaries

Consumerist: Consumer advocacy site responding to the latest consumer news and trends, published by Consumer Reports.
Mr. Money Moustache
A Blog of Great Money-Saving Tips

Happy Money: The Science of Smarter Spending by Elizabeth Dunn
How to Be Richer, Smarter, and Better-Looking Than Your Parents by Zac Bissonette
Debt-Free U: How I Paid for an Outstanding College Education Without Loans, Scholarships, or Mooching off My Parents by Zac Bissonette
Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey. This is where I started my journey into understanding money. He makes it really simple, and covers a lot of the core areas of personal finance in a funny and engaging way.
Can't Buy My Love: How Advertising Changes the Way We Think and Feel by Jean Kilbourne
The Soul of Money: Reclaiming the Wealth of Our Inner Resources by Lynne Twist
The Greatest Movie Ever Sold
Queen of Versailles
Inside Job
A Place At The Table
Hoop Dreams
Capitalism: A Love Story
For Financial Literacy Educators/Advocates

Tell Your Money Story: Learn the 4 elements of every great story, and how your own money story can open conversation, create connection, and empower others.

The Lost of Art of Listening: The most interesting thing about us is our interest in others.

How to Be Funnier: "The shortest distance between two people is laughter." -Victor Borges

Tell Your Program StoryHow do you make your elevator pitch powerful, motivating, and memorable?

A Tool to Get Your Audience Interacting:

5 Ways to Engage Audiences Like Tony Robbins

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