A practical gateway guide to personal finance and our relationship to money.

I promise not to bore you or depress you, but instead to help you laugh, develop the tools to learn from any tough experience, and come away with real next steps to make your ideal life your actual life. It's full of humor and funny stories, it's briskly-paced, and will teach you how to actually build saving habits, borrow safely and intelligently, and make more money.

When I took my job in 2009, I started reading books on finance because I needed to have something to teach. What I learned in the process changed the entire direction of my life – the habits people employ and the terms they master to make personal finance work for them. And now, that's what I'm bringing to you!


What students are saying...

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An easy, casual, not-at-all-grueling guide of how to make the most out of my life financially so I don’t have to let money hold me back. It paves a clear path to avoiding debt, and saving enough to make the purchases that I want to make. It provided me with clear techniques about how to be financially responsible and save money like a pro, as well as making money a little less-intimidating. I am glad I now have the resources I need to avoid financial trouble before it starts.



I have always had a relatively fearful relationship with money, so I have tried to avoid dealing with it. This book has provided me the confidence to see that dealing with money isn’t as daunting as it may seem.


In a lot of schools today there are no financial education classes and young people are left in the dark about their financial future. This book is an easy way into the world of money and provides a lot of the information you’ll need to start your financial story. Plus it’s funny which alleviates the stress and stigmas that surround money.


I would recommend this book not only to students but to parents and educators as well...I know this book can change someone’s/students’ understanding of money because it has changed mine.


I learned countless things. This books makes money crystal clear.