It’s not that we don’t like talking about money, it’s that we often don’t know how to bring it up.
That’s why we created Money Date Night.
Money Date Night is a podcast series to inspire couples to talk about money with the support of married millennial entrepreneurs, Colin Ryan and Lindsey Lathrop. They realized their ability to have these conversations impacted their ability to build a bigger vision for their lives together. Colin and Lindsey want to help you have them, too! Money conversations make your relationship stronger, they teach you about yourself, and they help you both build the kind of life you really want together.

Episodes Coming Soon!

Finances are often the toughest subject to talk about. They don’t have to be.

Each episode is focused on a big money topic that has shaped our lives. We explore our money values and help you do the same, giving you new ideas on how to approach money conversations in your relationship moving forward.

Not sure how to set the mood for your Money Date Night?

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