“A hysterical storytelling comic in the vein of Mike Birbiglia.”

Seven Days
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Colin's dream of doing stand-up comedy actually dates back to an autobiography assignment he handed in when he was in 6th grade. In it he wrote, "I want to be a comedian." (He didn't know about comedic financial expert-ing when he was 12.) Colin became a paid, professional stand-up comedian in 2009 (although he's been a comedian a lot longer according to his mother). He has performed in comedy shows around New England, across the country, and at the legendary Comedy Store in California. He's told jokes in four different countries (twice in rusty, high-school Spanish), and once in a silent-retreat nature center. (Once was plenty!) Colin released a comedy album in 2011... "Let's Get Uncomfortable."

He is also a dedicated and experienced storyteller, was the grand-prize story winner at RealityFix in 2013, won two Moth StorySlams, and won the Moth GrandSlam in 2015. He is a frequent host for StoryVT and The Moth's Burlington events.

Comedy For A Cause has raised over $150,000 for charities, non-profits, and individuals in need...

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