Increase your confidence, tell great stories, and make every speech your best speech.

Colin loves helping others develop their public speaking skills and build their ability to get their message across.

Every year Colin works with a small number of clients in a 1:1 setting. He is also available to do group coaching.

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“Colin’s approach to coaching, like his own speaking, is powerful because of its emphasis on authenticity. He promotes no formula. He has no “shtick.” He focuses instead on discerning, drawing out, and fully developing a client’s voice and message so that it can be heard. It is what makes Colin a terrific resource for seasoned speakers and for those terrified of an audience.”
– Tiff, Executive Director

“In our first seminar since your training, the added touches of our personal stories and the new, stronger visuals created a much more relaxed atmosphere. And we got 9 requests for follow-up appointments! The audience even clapped at the end, which I have never seen before!!” – Annie, Mortgage Lender

“Colin’s program made me excited about presenting again.” – Tim, Safety