“You’ve never seen financial education like this.”

National Jumpstart

"A hysterical, comedic storyteller in the vein of Mike Birbiglia"

Seven Days

Imagine if SHE had done the speech! You'd be charmed for life.

RT @lovechampagne: Dinner and a show with @colinryanspeaks - only a few minutes in and I'm charmed by grandma's wisdom. #AFCPE17

Wisdom straight from my Grandma!

RT @KateMielitz: People will say yes to you...reach out, let people hear you, be more interested in what they have to say than what you have to say. @colinryanspeaks #grandma #advice #AFCPE17

Thank you for quoting me in a way that makes me sound like the #JeffBezos of #financialliteracy. Also is that position available?

RT @FinancialGinger: #AFCPE17 students are disinterested in #personalfinance. Gotta fix that. So I did. @colinryanspeaks

RT @AFCPE: .@colinryanspeaks already has us laughing as he kicks off his discussion. He's merging his comedy & finance expertise to teach us new ways to bridge communication gaps with clients. #AFCPE17

TY I was proud of that joke!

RT @brunchandbudget: To never follow as a comedian - 1. raffle, 2. bachelorette party, 3. panel on racial and gender wealth gap @colinryanspeaks 😂😂😂 #AFCPE17

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